Empowering Sustainable Futures: Join us at our Second Co-Creation Session

BUILDSPACE is not merely a project; it is a visionary endeavor aimed at revolutionizing energy efficiency in alignment with the EU Green Deal. Leveraging a diverse range of data sources, including terrestrial building data, thermal-equipped drone imagery, and satellite-derived location-annotated information, BUILDSPACE is poised to offer transformative services that will benefit buildings and urban environments.

We kindly invite you to participate in our second co-creation session, which will take place online on November 24th at 11 CEST

The Importance of Co-Creation

The success of BUILDSPACE hinges on collaboration and co-creation. The first co-creation session laid the foundation for this collaborative journey, and the upcoming second session is a pivotal step forward. This session aims to present the project's progress and services workflow, ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed about the current status and future direction. Additionally, we seek your valuable input on the final components of the services and their seamless integration with each pilot project before implementation.


BUILDSPACE extends beyond being a project; it is a collective mission to drive innovation, sustainability, and progress in our industry. We envision a strong community of stakeholders who share common goals and aspirations. Your presence and insights are indispensable to the success of BUILDSPACE, and we cordially invite you to be an integral part of this transformative journey.

Confirm Your Attendance

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Your attendance will contribute significantly to the collaborative spirit of BUILDSPACE.

Don't miss the chance to shape a sustainable future!


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