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During the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, the largest and most influential event on urban innovation, BUILDSPACE initiative took center stage. Held from November 7 to 9, 2023, this influential gathering showcased innovative urban solutions and projects. 

The Congress brought together the public and private sectors, including various stakeholders who presented solutions that contribute to the prosperity of cities. These initiatives promote greener, safer and more efficient urban spaces. The overall objective of the Congress is to consolidate global urban innovation and empower cities to address major challenges, recognising the urban landscape as an integral part of humanity's future.

This event highlighted eight key tracks focusing on critical urban issues including Enabling Technologies, Energy & Environment, Mobility, Governance, Living & Inclusion, Economy, Infrastructure & Building, and Safety & Security. The BUILDSPACE project is committed to pioneering and applying innovative approaches, providing new insights into urban environments.

The Congress's session titled “Digital pathways for Sustainable and Climate-resilient urban future”, moderated by Stamatia Rizou, R&D Manager, at SingularLogic, concentrated on harnessing digital tools to improve energy efficiency in buildings and promote cities resilient to climate challenges, with the participation of Patricia San Nicolàs Vargas and Raquel Burgos Bayo, researchers at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Sotiris Karagiannis, Chief Innovation Officer at Space Hellas, and George Fakiridis, Director at SenseOne. The presentation ultimately highlighted the BUILDSPACE project as an exemplary example of implementing digital services that leverage cutting-edge technologies, including satellite data analysis, digital twins, virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), and drones. 

During the session, BUILDSPACE emphasized the core concepts and objectives integral to its mission. The project's participation served as recognition of its potential to revolutionize the building and urban sector. Its innovative approach and collaborative endeavors have attracted attention, sparking engaging discussions among experts and stakeholders. 

Being part of the Smart City Expo World Congress was an honor for the BUILDSPACE project. It was a great experience to engage with key stakeholders in the industry at different levels. 

Thank you to all those who visited our stand and attended our sessions. We invite you to continue to engage with the project through social media and website updates.


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